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The Branx Fitness customer’s verdict: 4.9

Gives the Elite Run Pro Treadmill 5 out of 5.

The Branx Fitness Elite Runner Pro Treadmill is celebrating 12 years of unparalleled success. Find out first hand from our customers why it has been so successful and why it is going to be loved for the foreseeable future.


  • Amazing Value for money
  • 160kg Maximum user weight limit
  • High specification all round
  • Supportive low impact running platform


  • No pause feature (2020 model now has this option)

At a glance

Value for money? 5/5

The Branx Fitness Elite Runner Pro Treadmill has everything a home user will ever need and it’s at almost half the price of anything similar out there. But how is this achieved? Well according to Branko Tojagic, the company’s Managing Director,

“Branx Fitness genuinely offers the highest quality and best value products on the market. We eliminate every unnecessary cost historically associated with traditional wholesalers and retailers.

Branx Fitness runs a very tight operation with extremely low overheads. Our resources are put into product quality, reliable technology and product testing. We employ amazing staff driven by a passion for health and fitness and this enables us to pass on dramatic savings to our customers and as we continue to care for them they continue to be loyal to us”

What is it like to walk or run on? 5/5

This is an area in which the Elite Runner Pro Treadmill has performed at a consistently high level at for several years. There are hundreds of treadmills on the market today with various types of cushioning systems, but does this really mean the user will like the way it makes them feel whilst using it?

“The Elite Runner Pro Treadmill comes with a uniquely developed Dual Shock 10-Point Deck Absorption System. Our high tech impact absorption system provides the user with essential comfort & protection resulting in better & quicker results.

Our focus has always been on how our products make our customers feel, as ultimately this will determine the success they feel they have accomplished from their purchase. In order to achieve this we have to constantly challenge ourselves and think outside of the box”

Daniel Austen – Quality Control Manager for Branx Fitness

Not only is the deck system comfortable but also the belt is well cushioned and has lots of grip, reducing the impact on joints & relieving pressure on the knees & back. If you are a basic lightweight user or you are knocking on the door of the maximum user weight limit, the Elite Runner Pro will ensure you are taken good care of.

How reliable is the motor? 5/5

This is a very good question and essential to the life span of any treadmill. The Branx Fitness Elite Runner Pro Treadmill is powered by a powerful 3.5CHP and 6.5HP fan cooled motor. The motor is quiet even at full power and extremely responsive to all different speeds. As expected from Branx Fitness no expense was spared when developing this motor and that is why this treadmill comes with a maximum user weight limit of up to 160kg.

Quick fact

Every motor undergoes a full test at Branx Fitness HQ before it’s dispatch to the customer. Each treadmill is subjected to the same test and testing times, this is to ensure that the highest level of quality control is being achieved consistently with no room for errors.

The Elite’s high quality motor helped to push it to the top of the rankings, as did the almost none existent low rate of faults. Fewer than 0.18% of owners reported any sort of motor problem since 2008 and poor maintenance issues were most common among those that did.

Is the treadmill reliable if you are a heavy user? 5/5

Branx Fitness is well known for it’s product reliability and are pleased to say that the Elite Runner Pro Treadmill has retained it’s status year on year. In order for the treadmill to be able to take up to 160kg over a long period of time many factors come in to play and everything has to tally up.

“The quality of the running deck itself is high quality MDF and is fitted with a 2-ply treadmill running belt. The shock system used has been cleverly developed and engineered and the frame is made using an anti-rust coating high-grade steel which has been put through a particular process to ensure the quality is to the absolute highest of standard. The entire process is executed with meticulous care”

Marcus Meyer – Production Manager

The Elite Runner Pro Treadmill was rated as excellent for reliability in our 2018 ‘At the limit’ Treadmill owner satisfaction survey in the UK. The survey was aimed at those who were close to the maximum user weight and were happy for us to follow up on their progress. Of the owners who responded, 0% reported experiencing a problem with their treadmill on one or more occasions.

How user friendly is it? 5/5

Branx Fitness are well aware that our customers just want to be able to use their treadmill as soon as it arrives without having the scroll through the entire manual before knowing how to work it. Everything has been carefully thought out so you can jump straight on and start your fitness journey.

The Elite Runner Pro Treadmill comes with 4 wheels so it makes it possible for one person to move it on a level floor by themselves, unlike most treadmills that require 2 people to move it whilst risking a back injury. The soft drop system means it will drop to the floor all by itself after it’s been folded up to save space, all you need to do is tap the kick zone on the hydraulic strut.

The buttons are all in the right places for the user to access what they want quickly and without confusion and the quick keys enable you to reach a certain speed or incline with the push of just one button. The manual itself is completely user friendly and explains everything in layman’s terms.

“Branx Fitness has built a strong reputation for making treadmills with high quality product features and functions and the Elite Runner Pro Treadmill is no exception. With it’s sleek design, logical layout and top-notch materials, the Elite Runner Pro is about as user friendly as you will find. Our belief is that the easier the treadmill is to use, the less easy it is to find excuses not to use it”

Branko Tojagic – Managing Director

Should I pay for installation? 4.5/5

All of our products are designed to be user friendly in all areas. Installing your Branx Fitness Elite Runner Pro is straight forward if you follow the user manual and don’t mind the most basic of DIY!

Quick fact

Our latest survey showed that 67% of customers opted for the installation service mainly from an inconvenience point of view. Our team not only set your treadmill up for you but also remove all the big, heavy and messy packaging that comes with it.

Is the installation service essential, absolutely not, does it make life easier, absolutely. Either way if you opt to pay for installation or to do it yourself, should you encounter any issues or have any questions, support is always provided.

Does it meet expectations? 5/5

This was a great question and the results reflect truly what Branx Fitness is all about. The general consensus is that the machine was bigger then had been expected and that it was sturdier then the photos had showed.

Most customers invested an average of 3-5 weeks in researching before purchasing, with some spending as long as 3 months. Upon comparison, the Elite Runner Pro surpassed all expectations and has proved to be a clear winner.

Why buy? 5/5

If you are looking for a high quality, no frills, well equipped and extremely reliable treadmill for under £1,000. Then the Elite Runner Pro treadmill, with all it's years of wisdom is the treadmill for you. The Elite is a running buddy that will always be there for you come rain or shine.