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Energy Pro treadmill

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The New 2022 Branx Fitness Energy Pro Treadmill is an excellent entry-level treadmill and ticks all of the boxes of a user with a max height of 6ft that wants to get fit or stay fit. The Energy Pro is the smaller version of the Cardio Pro Treadmill, which has seen huge success throughout the UK. Both treadmills share some similar DNA, but if you don’t require the extra deck size and power but still want a great quality treadmill, then the Energy Pro Treadmill is a perfect choice.

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Energy Pro treadmill

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This is a nice solid and surprisingly compact treadmill. I have owned a few other Makes and can tell you it's well worth the £599 price tag with a 2 year warranty. It also tucks away nicely in the corner of my conservatory and isnt like some of thr previous giant eyesores I have owned. Customer service from Branx was also excellent.

Quality product- By an Mr Jake on 2021-09-29 11:44:20

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3 CHP 5 HP

0 - 16 Levels
Automatic Incline

BELT: 120 X 42 CM (L x W)


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The 5.5" LCD display allows you to view required information clearly whilst simultaneously having everything at your finger tips

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The Seiko low noise, smart, energy saving motor provides optimum performance, efficiency, and reliability through innovative engineering technology and using the highest quality components

  • Using the latest WISCO 470 silicon steel sheets
  • Military grade noise reduction carbon brushes
  • Using the latest temperature resistant enamelled wire, designed to withstand up to 200 degrees celsius
  • Silent fan cooled temperature management
  • High-grade steel ball motor bearings providing the smoothest motor rhythm
  • Larger motor casing reduces noise and vibration whilst adding stability
  • Advanced high-grade insulation and fireproof materials for maximum safety and motor longevity
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Spacious Running Belt

For everyone in the family

The Energy Pros 6 big shock absorbing springs and double layered running deck has a footprint of 120 x 42cm, more than enough to suit most home environments and is ideal for users with a maximum height of 6ft.

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0 - 16 Levels of Auto Incline

Always get the intensity you need to reach your goals

Working out on an incline increases your heart rate and really activates your quads, hamstrings, glutes and also ankle strength. Did you know that a greater incline tones muscles and burns calories 5 times quicker for faster results

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6 point absorption system with double layered running deck

Branx Fitness believes quality has to match specification and we have achieved this by using high grade springs and a high grade top quality MDF running deck. Our high impact absorption system provides the user with essential comfort protecting joints and knees as the cushioning system absorbs the majority of impact, resulting in better and quicker results

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Mix it up with one of the 12 preset programmes

Keep your workouts fresh with 12 cardio programs to choose from. Due to health and safety regulations of a home-use treadmill the programs are not extremely challenging for the majority of users. But they are enough to use them in order to shake up your schedule from time to time. A change is always good

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Drinks Holder

Maximise your physical performance and feel better with a glass of water. If you don’t stay hydrated, your physical performance can suffer. Dehydration can have a noticeable effect if you lose as little as 2% of your body’s water content. If you exercise intensely and tend to sweat, staying hydrated can help you perform at your absolute best

*Important: Water bottle not included


Fitted with the latest double tube automatic lubrication system. Simply add in the lubricant and the treadmill will automatically use what is required depending upon usage

*Please note: Always follow lubrication guidance in user manual

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Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Pair your device with the treadmill and listen to music from your smart devices through the built in speakers on the console. Stay connected to the sounds that move you

Soft Drop and Easy Move System

The Energy Pro Treadmill comes with the soft drop system, which means it will drop slowly and safely to the floor all by itself after it’s been folded up to save space, all you need to do is tap the kick zone on the hydraulic strut and watch the deck lower all by itself. Lifting it up is also easy

Body Fat Readout Feature

The body fat calculator is a tool designed to help you estimate what percentage of your total body weight is body fat. If you ever wondered what your body fat percentage is, this is a perfect place to find out. Simply enter some personal data required and then wait for your results. (please note this is a guide only and does not replace professional advice, please seek medical advice for total accuracy)

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Easy Assembly Procedure

*Important: Each model comes with a user manual which includes step by step assembly instructions and a tool pack with all required nuts/bolts and tools

1. Treadmill Fully Assembled

2. Footprint of treadmill

3. Treadmill folded upright

4. Box Size

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We offer a Nationwide product installation and packaging removal service. As long as your treadmill is on the ground floor with safe access and adequate space to manoeuvre round in, why not leave the work to us. On average 77.8% of customers opt for our product installation service.

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Model Number:
0.8 to 16.5km/h (10.2mph)
3CHP and 5HP Peak (fan cooled)
Max User Limit:
6-point absorption system
Running Area:
120 x 42cm
2 years
Warranty Type:
Home use
Warranty Details:
2 years parts & labour, 5 years frame and motor
Heart Rate Measurement:
Hand pulse (hand grip sensors)


Running Belt Thickness:
1.7mm Providing unrivalled comfort and grip
Running Deck Thickness:
Boxed Dimesions:
L.158 x W.73 x H.35cm
Assembled Dimensions:
L.147 x W.70 x H.124cm
Folded Dimesions:
L.86 x W.70 x H.142cm
Length Of Power Lead:
153cm Approximately


5.5" Crystal Blue Backlit LCD Monitor
Quick Keys For Speed:
YES (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11km/h)
Auto Incline:
YES (0 - 16 Levels)
Quick Keys For Incline:
Handrail Speed Buttons:
Handrail Incline Buttons:
Incline Buttons:
BMI Feature:
Heart Rate Measurement:
Hand Pulse (hand grips)
Console Feedback:
Speed, distance, time, incline, pulse, calories
Workout Options:
Using the ‘Mode’ button you can select from having a chosen distance, calories or time as your target for your workout, whilst still having full control over the speed and incline


Steel and Iron
Running Deck:
Natural incline at base level
Power Supply:
Professional heavy duty DC Motor
(Home Use)
Designed for households in the United Kingdom
(220v - 240v)
Step On Height
(no incline)
17 cm
Step On Height
(max incline)
24 cm
Floor To Handrail:
103 cm
Yes with a 'soft drop system'
Assembly Required:
This product comes partially assembled in a box with assembly instructions included


This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:

- 2 Years parts and labour warranty

- 5 Years Motor Warranty

- 5 Years Frame Warranty

*Please read our warranty terms and conditions by clicking here


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I have been told that treadmills have a horizontal line called a (join) running across the belt, is this true? And does this join in the belt make a noise?

Yes on both counts that is accurate, I have owned 4 different treadmills before buying this one and they all have a line across the belt and as the join (the line) goes over the front and rear rollers it makes a thudding sound. It soon fades away over time, but they all have it even the ones at my gymnasium had them, you just don’t notice the sound as you are in a huge gymnasium and there is music playing and people talking etc.

Does this treadmill have an auto lube feature?

Yes. Please follow the guidance provided in the manual.

Does the treadmill come with any pots of lubricant?

Hi, no you need to purchase these separately from the website.

Are the running decks pre-lubricated or will I need to apply lubricant before I start using the treadmill? If so, how much do I need to apply?

My running deck seemed ok but I did call the company and they did say they do apply some when they pre-test the treadmills however if the weather is very cold or very hot by the time the treadmill reaches the customer it can dry up during travel time and possible storage at other warehouses so it is always worth putting your fingers under the belt (when the machine is off obviously LOL) and seeing how it feels, if its dry apply some lubricant as per the guidance provided in the user manual.

What is the blue round disk?

The blue round disc is a Twister plate, that you stand on and twist side to side and this helps you strengthen your core.

Does this treadmill allow Bluetooth connection for Zwift?

No, it doesn't and in fact most treadmills dont. I use a Zwift foot pod when on this treadmill. I did extensive research when buying a treadmill, as my primary purpose was to use it with Zwift. All of the Bluetooth connected treadmills I found were extremely overpriced for the functionality. When researching further there wasn't much benefit of having a treadmill with inbuilt Zwift connection vs the foot pod (still a faff to set up and similar accuracy). So, I purchased this treadmill and use my foot pod - it's great! I would encourage to you do your own research though, as I brought it a couple of years ago so the technology may have moved on!  Branx also confirmed that the Bluetooth function is just for music playback.

Is the installation included?

No installation is sold separately.

Does this treadmill come fully assembled?

No. All of our treadmills are around 85% assembled. It will come in one box and will be in the folded flat position, you just need to bolt the upright arms into position and attach the console along with a few covers etc.

The running belt seems to be sticking and/or juddering when I am walking and/or running on it?

Loose running belt requiring tightening? Oil has gotten on the drive belt located under the motor cover because too much oil has been applied or the machine has been in the upright storage position for too long too soon after being lubricated. Please call the team for advice.

What is the best way to look after my treadmill.

keep it clean and as dust free as possible. Wipe down with a dry cloth after every use. Avoid placing it in a damp or too hot environment.

How do you operate the Bluetooth?

Operating the Bluetooth is really simple. Firstly, make sure you don’t have lots of other devices like an apple watch etc paired up as this can make it difficult for more devices to work at the same time. Open the Bluetooth settings on your device and then find RunningV2/V3 or WZKJ and pair it up. As long as your treadmill is on it will pair up within a few seconds.

Is this treadmill in a slight gradient when showing zero on the gradient button?

Yes. More than 95% of home-use treadmills that have auto incline are on a slight gradient at the front. The reason for this is because all of the mechanisms for the incline piston are located at the front. This is totally normal.

Does the treadmill display the speed in kph or mph and can you switch between the two?

The majority of home-use treadmills display the speed in kph and you can’t switch between kph and mph. Commercial treadmills are different but a lot more expensive.

Is the treadmill suitable for barefoot running?

It is advised that anyone using our treadmills wears suitable footwear.

I want to protect my floor/carpets. Are mats okay to be used?

Mats are ok to be used but it’s not recommended you use mats on carpets as it will be too bouncy and that is not ideal for the treadmill. The treadmill should sit on a hard flat surface. It’s ok to put a mat underneath the treadmill on a hard floor and this is actually recommended.

Can you customise the programs?

No. All programmes are pre-set and cannot be changed.

I received my treadmill and it’s making a thudding sound, is this normal?

Yes its perfectly normal especially the belt making this sound. As the belt is new, the join in the belt will make a thudding sound as it moves over the front and rear rollers, the faster the speed the faster the thudding sound. This sound lessons over time as it beds itself in. Also its normal for the shocks especially at the front of the machine to squeak, this is just normal bedding in sounds and is totally normal.

I received my treadmill and it’s shaking a bit and feels wobbly and a bit unstable?

It shouldn’t be wobbling about. Check its sitting firmly on a hard floor with no lift on any areas of the treadmill. You can make small adjustments at the front if your floor is not level. This is essential you cover this first as all points of the underside of the treadmill should be sitting firmly on your floor. Then you need to check that all the holes line up and all nuts and bolts are all nice and tight.

Can I keep the treadmill in my garage?

Yes and No. Always check this out with Branx Fitness first as we have a few questions that will need covering beforehand. Things like is it damp, is the garage attached to your property, how old is your property etc are just some of the questions.