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Customer Questions & Answers

I have been told that treadmill belts all have a horizontal line called a (join) running across the belt is this true? AND does this join in the belt make a noise?

Yes on both counts that is accurate, I have owned 4 different treadmills before buying this one and they all have a line across the belt and as the join (the line) goes over the front and rear rollers it makes a thudding sound.

It soon fades away over time but they all have it even the ones at my gymnasium had them, you just don’t notice the sound as you are in a huge gymnasium and there is music playing and people talking etc.

Does the treadmill come with any pots of lubricant?

Hi, no you need to purchase these separately from the website.

Are the running decks pre-lubricated or will I need to apply some lubricant before I start using it? If so, how much do I use?

My running deck seemed ok but I did call the company and they did say they do apply some when they pre-test the treadmills however if the weather is very cold or very hot by the time the treadmill reaches the customer it can dry up during travel time and possible storage at other warehouses so it is always worth putting your fingers under the belt (when the machine is off obviously LOL) and seeing how it feels, if its dry apply a few lines as per the guidance in the user manual or video links Branx emails over, DON’T OVER LUBRICATE just a few lines under both sides of the belt, as far in as you can reach don’t stress too much as the belts are pretty tight and DO NOT LOOSEN OFF THE BELTS TO LUBRICATE THE DECK whatever you do, it’s impossible to get the tension correct ever again.

On other treadmills I have owned in the past I have found that the speed being shown on the console of the treadmill doesn’t match up to that of my watch or APP, is there a way of calibrating this treadmill if this happens?

Hello Katrina, I use my elite treadmill daily more then I should really, but I couldn’t afford a commercial one and this is not letting me down, I am all about timings etc and I would say it’s not as accurate as a commercial one you use in the gyms but it’s pretty accurate, from other treads I have owned some have been out by around 20-25% so I am really happy with this model I have.

Be careful with APPS and other devices like that as they don’t take into account, you’re not actually walking on the road etc you’re on a belt that is moving so the speed your device shows or APP you are using (unless it’s all built into the machine) will never be that accurate, it doesn’t necessarily mean your treadmill speed is not accurate.

What is the blue round disc?

The blue round disc is a Twister plate, that you stand on and twist side to side and this helps you strengthen your core.

Does it have a fan to cool down?

No, we have recently removed the fan and replaced it with a pause function.

Does this allow Bluetooth connection for Zwift?

No, it doesn't. I use a Zwift foot pod when on this treadmill. I did extensive research when buying a treadmill as my primary purpose was to use it with Zwift. All of the Bluetooth connected treadmills I found were extremely overpriced for the functionality. When researching further there wasn't much benefit of having a treadmill with inbuilt Zwift connection vs the foot pod (still a faff to set up and similar accuracy). So, I purchased this treadmill and use my foot pod - it's great!

I would encourage to you do your own research though, as I brought it a couple of years ago so the technology may have moved on!  Branx also confirmed that the Bluetooth function is just for music playback.

Is the installation of the treadmill an additional cost to the delivery?

Hello yes installation is an additional £50 cost, this will be carried out at the time of delivery and all packaging will be taken away also. Please note that delivery and installation is ground floor ONLY.

Does this come fully assembled?

All of our treadmills are around 85% assembled. It will come in one box and will be in the folded position, you just need to bolt the upright arms into position and attach the console along with a few covers.

Can you input how much you weight so that it matches how much calories you are burning per hour based on the speed that you are doing?

It does give you how many calories you are burning but it goes of the speed, incline and time on the treadmill not your weight.

The track is sticking when I run on it. I’ve applied at least 200ml of lubricant recently but it’s still sticking - any ideas?

Be very careful not to apply to much oil, this can cause many problems, simply tighten the belt according to the manual and this will stop any slipping 100%.

Will I be able to move the treadmill occasionally to another room?

It depends on the width of your door. Some people have trouble moving it into another room so we cannot guarantee you would be able to move it from room to room easily.

Does it work with any home electrical outlet/power socket?

Hello, yes it works with any UK normal power socket, much the same as any home appliance.

Do you do a monthly payments scheme on this product?

No, full payment is taken at the time order is placed.

Does the treadmill have an emergency stop?

Yes, it has a safety key attached to a cord. If the key gets pulled off, then the treadmill stops all functions.

Why would there not be a pause function on this model?

There is a pause button on this model.

How wide a door is required to fit it through when folded up? Thanks

Your door would need to be more at least 85cm if you wish to get it through whilst the treadmill is set up.

Will this be suitable for a daily run of two hours?


Can you tell me what the major difference is between the Branx elite pro and the normal Branx treadmill and is it worth the price difference?

The Elite is bigger and has a more advanced cushioning system, its faster, has a higher incline, a bigger motor etc

Can I add any extras on once I have placed the order? For example, a cover.

Yes, you can add items on once order has been placed, you can just give Branx a call and they can sort over the phone for you.

Is the treadmill in km or mph? Also are you able to change from one to the other?

All of our treadmills are set in km and cannot be changed to mph.

Hi, I want to purchase a treadmill. Can you please tell me what happens if there is a problem or fault? Can it be collected and returned?

If the treadmill developed a fault, then we have an engineer that can help to resolve and if we cannot fix the issue we can collect, refund or send a replacement.

Hi, I understand the elite runner pro has 22 levels of incline but what is the max incline as a percentage?

The incline percentage for the Elite Runner Pro treadmill is 10-12%.

Does the incline show on the screen, or is it just a guessing game as to which level of incline you are at?

It shows on the console and is displayed as level 1, 2, 3 etc.

I have songs on my phone, if I want to listen to songs on this treadmill- how exactly will I do it? How can I also use my earphones?

Bluetooth! Your songs can play through the treadmill, but headphones are better - clearer sound from headphones.

Hi, can you confirm you would take the old machine away?

Normally yes this is a chargeable option we can add on, however in the current climate this would be on a one-to-one basis please inform us when you order or call us beforehand to discuss.

Can I customize a program? For example, I want to sprint for 2 minutes, walk for a minute.

You can’t customise is it to that extent.

How long is the power lead and can the equipment be set up for me?

Power-lead is approximately 1metre long.

Can this go outside in a shed and will the guarantee still be valid?

In a shed is not ideal I am afraid unless it is very well insulated and built to a high standard.

Does this treadmill have positive and negative speed and incline buttons on both bars at the side?

Speed buttons on right side bar, incline buttons on left sidebar.

It says, "auto incline" what is auto incline? What is the opposite of auto incline? Is there manual incline as well?

Yes, cheaper models have manual incline, this item comes with Auto Incline, the press of a button will raise the elevation.

Can I use this on top of wooden flooring?

Indeed, you can use the treadmill on a wooden floor, a mat would be recommended if going on a wooden floor.

Can one lower the led screen and the two bars at the side lower - can one lower it if they want?

No once the treadmill is in place u cannot lower the screen or bars.

What oil do I need please?

Branx supplies a small oil bottle with the machine.... you can order more direct from Branx....they were helpful on the phone when I last spoke to them.......it looks like a thinner oil than you’d use on a bike chain.

What is the maximum user weight for this product?

Up to 160kg, please inform the team if you have any specific weight requirements at sales@branxfitness.co.uk

It says 0-22 incline levels, how can I get it to level 22? I want to walk or jog on highest incline of this treadmill.

It says 0-22 incline levels, how can I get it to level 22? I want to walk or jog on highest incline of this treadmill.

How wide is the running deck? Is the running area too narrow for a six-footer?

48cm and its perfect for a person measuring 6ft.

Does each program have a time limit set?

Standard is 30mins but you can shorten or lengthen each programs duration.

What is the mode for? Does this treadmill have mode?

Yes, this treadmill has a 'MODE' button and using this button you can select your target time, distance and calories.

Does this treadmill need to be lubricated? if yes, how will I do it? and with what?

It is pre lubricated but we explain all once you have made your purchase with us rest fully assured.

Is there cushioning to reduce the impact on joints and make it more comfortable?

Yes, a dual shock 10-point absorption system running deck with German made springs.

How many programs does this have? I want to get in shape and sweat a lot.

Currently 24 programs.

Does this Branx Fitness Treadmill have incline? How is incline measured? What is the max incline of this treadmill?

Yes, it has Auto Incline. We advertise the incline as levels of incline as its more accurate than a percentage. As an approximately it would require to a max incline of about 12%.

Can this be folded up? Is it easy to do it?

Yes, it can be folded up and it is easy enough.

How does one put on the safety key? Where should I put it?

The safety key is attached to the console, the manual will show you how to do this.

I have many shoes. I'm a male/young man. Do I have to run, jog, walk on this treadmill only with my shoes on?

I have many shoes. I'm a male/young man. Do I have to run, jog, walk on this treadmill only with my shoes on?

Does this Branx Fitness Treadmill have negative incline?

The incline as only up and not down (negative) Our commercial models have both.

Does this Branx fitness treadmill have a safety key? what is the purpose of a safety key? do all treadmills have a safety key?

Yes, it has a safety key. The purpose of the safety key is that you attach one part to your clothes and if you are in trouble and need the machine to stop immediately you simply pull the cord and that will remove the magnetic part of the key which is attached to the console off the console and the machine will come to a sudden halt.

Does this Branx Fitness treadmill display/show the distance and speed in km or miles?

Kmh not miles. Approximately 95% of all home-use treadmills in the UK are in kmh.

Does this Branx Fitness Treadmill display/show the pulse? Does it display/show the heart rate?

The console displays your pulse rate readout yes.

Does this Branx Fitness treadmill display/show the calories one has burned?

Indeed, it does show Calories used.

Does one have to charge the treadmill to run on it? If yes, how do u charge it?

No charge, the machine is operated via electricity. 3 prong plug into the mains as any normal appliance sold in the UK.

Does this treadmill have a start and stop buttons? How does one stop and start it?

Yes, it has a stop and start button, you press, and it starts, and you press, and it stops, or you can pull the emergency safety key and it will stop suddenly.

Does this treadmill show the time someone has spent on the treadmill?

At the point of using it yes, it doesn’t store total time used. Mainly commercial treadmills have that feature.

Is this treadmill noisy while someone is running, jogging, walking on it?

The treadmill is pretty much silent, all you can hear is the user’s footsteps. We are delighted with this treadmill, a great addition to our home gym.

Is the running belt single or 2 ply?

2 Ply.

What is the weight of the runaway? How easy is it to fold the machine between uses?

I am guessing your question is what is the weight of the treadmill? If so, it is 88kg. Yes, you can fold the treadmill up and back down within seconds using the treadmills German made Hydraulic strut mechanism.

Is it compatible with Suunto heart-rate chest belts?


Is this treadmill sturdy enough? My reebok has recently broken and was solid don’t want a flimsy treadmill.

It's the first treadmill I've had, so can't compare to anything - but I find it very robust and sturdy. Definitely not flimsy!

Hi... I have this treadmill and I guess the speed is not accurate... how can I check that??

It depends on the age of the machine, how well it’s been looked after and where it’s been used.

Is this treadmill suitable for Barefoot running?

Generally, for all treadmills it is advised that you should wear suitable footwear and not to use any treadmill barefoot.

Can you deliver to the Republic of Ireland?

Hi there, I am afraid we can currently no longer deliver to any part of Ireland.

Also does it have speakers? / tablet holder?

Speakers yes, you can put an iPad on the console but then you can’t see the display. But yes, it does have a ledge for it.

What % is the max incline max speed and how many pieces does it come in when shipped?

0-22 levels of auto incline, as a % its between 10 and 14%. All in 1 box and mainly 1 piece with nuts and bolts to put in place.

Please can you tell me what maintenance is needed?

General deck lubrication and keeping the machine generally clean.

"now with Bluetooth" - what does this mean? is it now compatible with Zwift?

Bluetooth means you can listen to music from the treadmill’s speakers via your device.

What is the deck height (measured floor to top of running surface? Head height is a limitation.

Between 8-10 inches.

Are there any apps that can be used with this treadmill?

Hello. We removed these features and lowered the price of the treadmill whilst focusing on providing the best quality treadmill for the money available anywhere in the UK.

Can you use it just for walking

Yes, you can walk as slow as you like on it and you can also use it to run at very high speeds.

Can apps such as iFit be used to control speed / incline?

I’m afraid not.

What is the floor area it requires when in use?

Hi there, you should allow a couple of ft at least all around the treadmill. So approximately the floor space of the treadmill is L: 190cm x W: 55cm so add on a couple of ft around this.

Do you deliver to the Isle of Man and what support would be covered?

Yes, we do at an extra cost and regarding warranty it won’t be covered by labour as we have no engineers there, but in the unlikely event of an issue parts and advice will be provided to the highest of levels only.

Does this have an automatic heart-rate program, so it adjusts the pace to keep your HR within a given zone?

We removed in built HRC as we found most users now used their own device to monitor this the most accurate. It has hand pulse sensors but not in built HRC with chest strap.

I need running incline-treadmill, but have stand up desk, so only need quality base with heart rate, cushioning plus all apps via Mobile/PC?

I am afraid we don't currently sell just a treadmill base without console.

Which country this product is made in?

Taiwan and Germany.

If paid here, can it be delivered in Pakistan.

Hi there, I am afraid we cannot deliver to Pakistan. Many Thanks.

Very silly question but how is this product for electrical consumption?

Hi there, not a silly question at all and one we are frequently asked in fact. We have made many attempts to have this question answered as accurately as possible by contacting some of the largest electrical firms in the UK and putting this question to them, providing them with motor power etc and the best answer we have received is to use a smart meter in your home and see what it does but as far as there concerned it should not be more than any other appliance. Hope this helps.

Can this treadmill be used and kept outdoors?

Hi there. Outdoors definitely not, no treadmill should be used outdoors. If you are referring to an outbuilding etc then yes it will be fine as long as it is sufficiently insulated and dry. I hope this helps.

Hello. Where is this treadmill made at and what is the guarantee?

Hello to you. This treadmill is made in Taiwan with some key components made in Germany, sent over to Taiwan and shipped over to our UK warehouses. The Warranty is 2 years parts and labour, 5 years warranty on frame and motor, CE/ROHS/EN957 & ISO9001 Quality Control Certified & up to GS Standard. I hope this successfully answers your question.

Could you tell me what the minimum speed is please?

Hi there, sure it is 1km/h.

How is this in comparison of a gym running machine

Hi there, technically no home-use treadmill is comparable to a brand-new high tech full commercial treadmill, that said many of our customers do in fact prefer the elite run pro over a gym treadmill, in all honesty it really is personal preference.

Do you know what weight the actual package will be?

Hi there Kevin, the answer to your question is: N.W. 78kg / G.W. 88kg

Does it have wheels to move around?

Hi there Tracy, many thanks for your question. Yes, it does have wheels so it can easily be moved around. I hope I have answered your question fully. Any more questions ask away or call us 01763 802124. The Team. Branx Fitness.

What is the max user weight & is this a semi commercial grade? I had a personal training studio so it will be used daily for a few hours.

Hi there, 160kg max user weight limit, not semi commercial, in order to be semi commercial, it must have a semi commercial motor.

The ceiling in the basement where we want to use it is quite low. How high off the ground is the rolling walking surface?

Hi there, it’s between 7 to 9inches off the ground. Hope this helps. Branx Fitness