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Your Satisfaction is Assured When Buying from Branx Fitness...

Exceptional quality

One of our main goals is to guarantee an outstanding quality in all our products. Therefore, we comply with all regulations in every country where we have presence in and at every stage of each product’s life cycle, from their production, to distribution, importation, labelling and marketing.
Looking to the future, we promise not to entertain any compromises when it comes to the dependability and durability of our fitness equipment. Every single item is checked before it leaves our warehouses. Our quality control team open each box to ensure everything is working and fits together, as it should. Only if every requirement from our 21-point checklist is satisfied will the item be cleaned and carefully re-packaged ready for dispatch to our customer.

We believe that it’s our obsession to detail that makes Branx Fitness unique in product quality.

Premium durability

Make sure your fitness equipment wont let you down today, tomorrow and every other day. Every single Branx Fitness product not only features high specifications and exceptional engineering, but we also ensure that only the absolute highest quality materials are used during our manufacturing process.

Innovative style

Branx Fitness equipment was not only developed to meet the highest of industry standards, but a sleek and attractive appearance was equally considered as an essential aspect in our product development process. We are very proud to say that our in house design team have done a great job in achieving that perfect balance between engineering and design and we like to think that our equipment will complement any home or fitness venue nicely.

Impeccable service

Our customers can enjoy preferential treatment, thanks to our fast and efficient after sales service team, which has been voted 5 out of 5 in the industry many times over. We know our customers have high expectations for the performance and after-care of their fitness equipment and are quality conscious and want the piece of mind that they will be looked after.

The Branx Fitness brand has been client centred from its inception and will always be driven by our customer’s feedback there wants and needs to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.